La Opera Bar, Mexico City Picture: Los chongos zamoranos que rico que rico – Check out TripAdvisor members’ candid photos and Toda su historia. Receta e historia de los chongos zamoranos /05/ cc @Ftv_MatutinoEx. De hecho, en Historia Verdadera de la Conquista de la Nueva España, Coyoacán fue testigo de la primera taquiza en la historia. . “Chongos Zamoranos”.

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Los chongos zamoranosque rico que rico – Picture of La Opera Bar, Mexico City – TripAdvisor

FICM is extraordinarily proud of the cultural richness of our home. Aside from being host to an impressive architectural heritage, Morelia also has a rich history and a vibrant artistic scene.

On top of all this, its cuisine is delicious!

Similar to tamales, but triangular in shape, corundas are wrapped in corn leaves and accompanied by cheese, sour cream and sliced poblano peppers.

What distinguishes these enchiladas from others is the fact that the tortilla must first be doused in a sauce made from guajillo chilies, and then fried in other recipes the tortilla is fried before the sauce is added. These Morelian enchiladas are filled with potatoes and carrots, and served with chicken. One of the most popular versions of the dish includes pork spare ribs.


The dish is traditionally prepared in huge copper pots made chongod Santa Clara del Cobrein which different parts of the pig are fried in lard from the same animal.

The meat is served in tacos, with corn tortillas, cilantro, onion, sauces and lime. A dish made with corned beef and egg, and covered with red or green salsa, sometimes both.

Tamales made with sweet ground corn. Uchepos have a sweet taste, but are sometimes served with green or red salsa, cotija hard cheese and sour cream.

They can also be served as a desert, with condensed milk. As its name indicates, this desert is originally from the city of Zamora, and the recipe is attributed to the nuns of the Colonial Era. The dish is made up of curd with sugar and cinnamon.

This dish originated in Spain and was imported to Morelia by Dominican nuns. Pulp is first extracted from any kind of fruit normally quince or guava and is then cooked with sugar in a copper pan. It is normally eaten with cheese.


Originally from Patzcuaro, residents of Morelia and its suburbs would travel to the small town to buy this sorbet. It has a creamy consistency and is mixed with cinnamon, vanilla, almonds and corn syrup. The festival will also include 16 traditional cooks, who will share the customs and traditions of each of their regions.