We know that communism is the right hypothesis. All those who abandon this hypothesis immediately resign themselves to the market economy. The Communist Hypothesis has ratings and 42 reviews. Jonfaith said: The communist hypothesis is that a different collective organization is practicab. The Communist Hypothesis: ten lessons from Alain Badiou by Chris Norris We know that communism is the right hypothesis. All those who.

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What Medea retains is the courage to decide her own fate; and courage, I would suggest, is the principal virtue in face of the disorientation of our own times. The role of political parties is different in such a this world. Vivent les richesand to hell with the poor. Our governments explain that they are waging war abroad in order to protect us from it at home. You don’t need to agree, but it is an important book for those of us on the left and I’ve not even considered the crucial methodological point about the centrality of the ‘event’ as a moment of choice.

What is the point of treating the French Revolution as if nothing like the Terror would have occurred had Robespierre been somewhere else at the time? The existence of an inexistent aspect is that by which, in the domain of appearing, the subversion of worldly appearing is played out.

The point we are seeking must be one that can connect to another order of time. View all 3 comments. Badiou spends a great deal of time discussing the Chinese and Soviets.

Reverting to what I said earlier: This does not necessarily mean agreement, just an understanding. This involves the realization on the part of the subject that ideas transcend worlds.

The Communist Hypothesis by Alain Badiou

Loved it for what I could get from it. It simply provided confusion.


The ultimate taboo of our world is philosophy. This hypothewis of previous writings along with essentially an essay tying them together serves as a limited but useful introduction to this aspect of Badiou’s thought.

I have a problem with that. Defined in this way, by invariants, identity is doubly related to difference: I likely made the mistake of reading the introduction, which made no sense whatsoever and frequently diverted into the author quoting from an opera he wrote. The Communist Manifesto was a fucking pamphlet, and it changed everything in the world. When you fail, you want to learn from your mistakes, not repeat them.

Following Mao, who said that the world is in constant transformation due to different contradictions acting upon and transforming one another, Badiou views all being as a multiple of multiples.


The paradigmatic example of a historic riot would be the Paris Commune, an unorganized and quashed rebellion that nonetheless created an idea of independent working class politics that went on, in however bastardized a form, to change the world. What remains is to determine the point at hypothhesis we now find ourselves in the history of the communist hypothesis.

Appeal is made instead to the virtues of hard work, discipline, the family: Even they have had to revert to capitalism and non-egalitarian dogma. What would this imply? The political aesthetic is that of imitation: Hyppothesis is that which, across all the characteristic properties of identity, remains more or less invariant. The failure can thus become a positive part of an on-going macro-truth process. Very enjoyable and provocative read which serves as a useful introduction to Badiou’s political thought.

In these proper names, the ordinary individual discovers glorious, distinctive individuals as the mediation for his or her own individuality, as the proof that he or she can force its finitude.

Broadly, if I am not misinterpreting, Badiou is calling for a new Idea to counter the pervasive narrative of there being not alternative to representative democracy subordinate to free market capitalism. Heroism has hypothessi been represented not as a virtue but as a posture: The virtue of courage constructs itself through endurance within the impossible; time communisg its raw material.

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The letter to in response to Zizek’s introduction of a book on Maoism is worth of the price of admission alone. His assertion that the Cultural Revolution is our Paris Commune disastrous defeat upon which we center our politics is rather far fetched, and although these “events” anyone exhausted of such tiresome analytical distinction?

The Communist Hypothesis

The historical is a symbolic vantage point from which the emerging subject avoids the real, but can still glimpse hypthesis eternity of the Idea. A book of genuine philosophy here, and therefore a touch hard going in places, particularly towards the end. It constitutes great answers to many dilemmas and is truly needed by the left to shake left’s libral tendencies or what so called the third way.

It creates a new possibility, in the case of the Paris Commune, the possibility of the validity of the Communist Hypothesis, of liberation in real life as badioou to theory, in the age of capitalism.

Despite the amazing company, if Badiou were present at such an event I’d only go in order to show off my new custom T-shirt, which I’m having made to wear while stuck with books like Badiou’s that really needn’t ever be distributed outside the university lecture circuit: This is exactly the kind of material that filters thinky, introspective kids with exciting ideas out of every philosophy department in the ccommunist, and l Let’s say you’re invited to a dinner party.