Option 4: Periodization Bible by Dave Tate This is my favorite option. With this method, you choose assistance exercises depending on the. I have decided I will try 5/3/1 and I like the Dave Tate Periodization Bible template as that has a good bit of accessory work and allows me to. Periodization Bible, Dave Tate. I just wanted to post this link as the article is a relatively short read and contains lots of useful information to all.

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5/3/1 BBB Vs. Dave Tate’s Periodization Bible – Forums

It can be perodization for educational purposes to teach the clients or athletes about the training program and all its variables. Now you have trainers who have no idea what they’re doing showing a client davs to perform an exercise! This Western method of training has become very popular in the United States over the past 20 to 30 years and has been practiced by most powerlifters and strength athletes in one form or another.

This is what many lifters, including myself, used to do.

The organization of training can be defined as periodization. His tatf knows what to do and when. The strain is more important than the record itself.

The percents are used as examples, this was never tested. The rest is usually between three to five minutes. If your exercise selection doesn’t complement this, you’ll just be spinning your wheels.


Whereas your diet needs to change drastically to reach Another disadvantage of this method is that each set is carried to failure. The average biblw is two to four minutes and the duration is four to six weeks.

Actually, the reverse hyper is a staple in our routine and is trained on all Mondays and Fridays with only slight modifications being made. The base meso cycle is usually designed to build a strong and fundamental base of fitness a solid foundation. I see these people al Taking small weight increases, you begin to pdriodization up in weight with sets of three reps.

This method is defined as “lifting a non-maximal load to failure.

5/3/1: Simple Routine For Size and Strength ~ Pfau Fitness

I was told at one time that I had reached this limit. This is due to the neuromuscular coordination and motor learning. Make sure to keep track of what this record is because this is what you’ll try to beat next time out. Too little work and he’ll go in under prepared. When I walk into any gym or health club I’m impressed with the lack tatte technique being practiced. Another problem with the Western method of periodization is that many abilities aren’t maintained.


This is why the more advanced the lifter is, the harder the work is. The dynamic effort method is used to train the box squat and bench press. It becomes a tight balancing act during the season to ensure the optimum amount of training with the right amount of recovery and restoration.


The Periodization Bible

The box squat is also the best way to teach squatting technique because it’s easier to teach a person to sit back onto a box than without. You wanna get strong? The micro cycle of the Westside method is seven days consisting of two days periodizatiln the squat and deadlift, and two days for the bench press.

There are several ways to epriodization your training week, perioization one split is superior for the vast majority of lifters. The max effort method is considered by many coaches and athletes as being the superior method of strength development.

These meso cycles can be designed a number of different ways and all are intended to bring out the highest level of competitive strength. If you can maintain this bar speed then increase the percent.

Tricep movement with high volume six to eight sets for 8 to 12 reps. Sample Power Meso Cycle. One way to combat this is to pick a smaller weight at the start and then jump it up toward the end.