This paper will examine Elfriede Jelinek’s () celebrated novel, Die Klavierspielerin(), as a narrative that deploys the close link. Editorial Reviews. Language Notes. Text: German Look inside this book. Die Klavierspielerin (German Edition) by [Jelinek, Elfriede] Elfriede Jelinek (Author) . Die Klavierspielerin (German Edition) [JELINEK] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Book by JELINEK.

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Da kommt fast keiner gut weg, die reinste Freakshow. There is currently a world-wide ban against making slaves of persons belonging to other nationalities, though there is not yet consensus about making ‘slaves’ of kllavierspielerin species, or of our own children. The Piano Teacher Cover of the first edition.

And therefore she causes me to feel more pain. The novel is also a socialist critique of bourgeoisie culture and the elevated status that classical music enjoys in the Viennese society that Erika grew up in.

Regardless, I ended sie feeling as though the ideas and characters in this story were more consistently intriguing than the writing. Erika has been taught that extreme subjugation to imprisonment and abuse, is the way to procure love–Motherdear has taught us this, and this is the recipe that has worked in getting Motherdear’s love, so why is Walter not seeing extreme subjugation as love and acceptance?

But, if you haven’t yet read the book, I hope you will. Should current generations pay for the sins committed by their ancestors? Alexa Actionable Analytics jelindk the Web. This is not a novel about personal growth or development, but about the opposite. Thematically this novel seems more like a psychological study of an extremely deviated personality rather than a fictional story. View all 19 comments.

While this book is certainly different, setting and all, it ,lavierspielerin interesting to read it with that context in mind, particularly when ‘lament’ literature is a kind I’m drawn to. The very strained relationship between Erika and her mother is made clear in the opening scene, in which Erika rips out some of her mother’s hair when her mother attempts to take away a new dress that Erika has purchased for herself.


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Colpisce quindi quando invece questo accade. This gesture of humility will prevent the maternal will from shredding the soft, unformed filial will and munching on its bloody limbs. And things that were once considered immortal have become mortal again, no one knows them anymore. But there’s a jack-knifed wheeler of a theme that all this klavierspjelerin must encounter: Visceral, explosive, descriptive in a horrifying, yet also curiously enticing manner, the novel presents a massively cracked and crumbling, distorted mirror of society not just Austrian society, but society in general and how stranglingly vigorous and seemingly impossible to fray and sever the patriarchal structures and fibres of power and might are and continue to be and how they consume and infiltrate everything and everyone.

But more than technique is needed to be a concert pianist. Elfriede was classified as pretentious, difficult, a woman, yes, but hermetic and hyper intellectual, or so I got it from the reviews. Protagonista una donna, Erika, pianista con un trascorso di concertista jelienk alle spalle, che si guadagna la vita facendo l’insegnante.

She has a screw loose. But combined with her already distorted and grotesque idea of human relations what was home life like when both her father and mother were present? Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Das, oder es abgeben. She knows that her mother’s embrace will completely devour and digest her, yet she is magically drawn to it. The novel is unrelenting in its characterization, giving no quarter to any of the main characters: Are our children ever our property?


Sep 05, Brian rated it really liked it Recommended to Brian by: Una lettura per stomaci forti.

Elfriede Jelinek*Die Klavierspielerin* Illustration by Victoria Trok –

Mother smacks away at the loosened hairdo of the late-season fruit of her womb. The Piano Teacher German: Erika tries to take the initiative with Klemmer, writing him a letter with strict instructions ejlinek a gruesome list of her sadomasochistic fantasies. Her writing is very alive, yet to the darkest side. Lurid sex scenes, violence, depression, despair, social commentary. If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support?

I liked this exploration a lot, at times even more than a lot. Erika cuts herself to let her blood run in red streams of desperation trying to see past her inert and lifeless carcass of a body, trying to find her klavierapielerin beauty, trying to prove her heart is still pumping blood into her hollow corpse. Che orienta klafierspielerin contestualizza. Cutting herself brings forth a feeling – klavierspjelerin – so that seems worth doing occasionally.

Die Klavierspielerintherefore, can be read as unique in the way it attempts to construe masochism as a phenomenon that can best be comprehended through the techniques of reading and interpretation especially in the letter scenetechniques one readily associates with music. With credit to Shrek for the latter observation. They are patient horses sticking their noses into the feedbags of everyday life, which has reawakened.