Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice The Official Strategy Guide * Platform: PlayStation3Trying to be a hero? Get some home schooling! Score the official strategy. For Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice on the PlayStation 3, GameFAQs has 9 FAQs ( game You can write and submit your own FAQ or guide for this game too!. For Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice on the PlayStation 3, Your knowledge and insight has been extremely useful in piecing together my strategies. I would also like to thank the writers of the various official published guides.

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Select Mao and “Skill Inheritance” from the side menu to get the ball rolling. In preparation, I suggest that you bring along a pair straegy Falcon Shoes if you have picked up any. Trivia About Disgaea 3: Lost Girl Enemies: I personally believe that you should ALWAYS pass the same stat for all 3 bills even though it is possible that the raw average absecne will be slightly lower than if you had split the bills between two stats.

The Gunslinger on the right you can take out with Blade Rushes, the other two you can hit with magic or guns.

Disgaea 3 Absence of Justice The Official Strategy Guide

Regardless, it should not be difficult to hit level If you’ve bought guides from Double Jump before, you’d know the book’s gonna make ya snort at least once if ya read it. Seeing this from a distance, Almaz, a hero himself, misunderstands the situation and tries to save the day.

Remember to use your mastery innocents and Professionals as they make a huge difference. To maximize your odds, you can grow your Election Committee Club until it is at its maximum size and fill it completely with crappy characters each equipped with the item you want duped. Not only does it have spoilers, it has lots of spoilers. Stick in a couple high level voters from your team and you will almost never fail.

Prinny x16 Throw a barrel at each of the two prinnies closest to you, voila!

However, I opted to use Mao instead to give me flexibility in capturing monsters. I suggest you proceed slowly because archers all raining chaos down at you at once will hurt a lot. The reset method is very boring but guaranteed to work eventually.

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Note that you can use your Druids to reset the geos once to cause a second chain if you could not fill it the first time. If there sttategy nothing in the bonus list you want you can do chain throws directly to the portal to end levels quickly.

Pass it a third time when you fisgaea deal over straregy with your main attack, and finally a fourth time when you deal over damage.

Before you start a new cycle pick up the following treasure chests: You can only increase the level of skills, you cannot decrease them! There is a weird quirk in the game where the Guardian effect will only apply to items physically listed below the item it resides on. When you are finally up against Salvatore, you must do huge chain attacks else you will not be able to do much damage.

Keep in mind you can also throw a guy past the rifle demon to safety if you don’t think you will be able to kill all of the mushrooms in time.

Try to stay healed, throw enemies close to each other for area attacks, and keep low HP characters in the back. If you do not have a Cleric you should make one make one. If the enemy’s ATK is higher than its INT, it will use physical attacks; if it is the other way around it will use magic attacks.

If you reincarnate you will lose all of your accumulated serum stats. Bring out all your guys and try to kill as many as you can right away, if you can’t kill at least 1, you may want to try out a geo throwing solution. For this reason this strategy is not too useful early on since you either cannot buy the items or cannot afford to buy them. You do not need to defeat Almaz to finish this mission. When the spear guys are dead, the sword guy is likely going Blade Rush you; he has a lot of Officiap so gang up on him.

Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice — StrategyWiki, the video game walkthrough and strategy guide wiki

Would you recommend this Guide? Buy him some better equipment if you are still using low level stuff. I recommend that you save and reset in the final battle so that you get a rank zero Puppy Paw Stick. Then go to the Land of Carnage and steal the rank 40 item from the Item God. If you make it to the top, the NPC will sell you Serums. Kristopher Dewey rated it it was amazing Jan 10, Gency out at floor 99 and save.


The story is focused on Kenichi Shirahama, an average year-old weakling, whose life turns to Hell with the appearance of the Lv Cockatrice x1 Lv Prophet x6 This is a long and difficult level.

Disgaea 3 : The Official Strategy Guide by DoubleJump Books (, Paperback) | eBay

Basically try to stick to the central areas where they may juwtice be able to hit you. If something did, then go examine the rarity and try to PPS it if it is zero.

Thus this isn’t really as difficult as it sounds. The clone effect means that new enemies will spawn after every turn. Just be sure that the enemy has the weapon skills that you are disgaex for because you cannot easily teach them skills afterwards. Try to fight on the purple tiles for the rest of the battle. This is Baal’s weakest form ie, no stronger enemy bills, and not in LoCso have vuide.

I would only clear the geos if it was only one or two colors or the combination dixgaea easy to solve. Needs to be a super strong LoC captured monster Perfect rank 40 monster officiql Lv weapon mastery, Guardian, Lv25 Magichange Lover Perfect Trapezohedron x3 24x dual-specialists All equipment matching rarity Second Evility slot is Violence learned from Majin In Shura Support Group at a desk adjacent to main character It really depends on which monster you captured, but for an example, one of my monsters have million HP, 95 million ATK and other stats that averaged about 32 million.

Get some home schooling! There are two main strategies to kill each of the Prophets. Open Preview See a Problem?