HARDINGE BROTHERS, INC. ELMIRA check the part description to make certain the assembly and/or individual part applies to your machine. .. Bed. 2. Screw. 2. Washer. Front Screw. Lock Washer. 6. 14 D V. 0 0 1 0 2 1 4. D V B 0 0 0 9 7 7 6. 0 5 5 0 3 0 5. N 3 7 0 0 0 0 7 3 6. 5 p. 0 0 0 6 4 3. HARDINGE DV59 DSM59 Lathe Part Manual DV DSM [Misc.] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Number of Pages: 15 This is a. DV59 Precision Lathe and DSM This is a reproduction, not a photocopy, of an original Hardinge DV59 Precision Lathe and DSM59 Second Operation.

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The Home Machinist!

From our shop to yours. Using one pair at one end and a radial bearing at the other allows the radial bearing dv-5 to expand axially.

What is the torque of stepper motors? Note that these drawings have change numerous times so even these may not be the last, however for my first attempt at this conversion these should be it. I am rebuilding a Feeler lathe that is a copy of a Hardinge HLV, and dv-9 pretty sure there is a Sharp that is the same.

Hardinge DV Manufacturing & Metalworking | eBay

Not sure how that is done but it seems it can be. Initially the setup will be tried for drilling, boring, turning and facing operations only, with the spindle running with the existing arrangement of induction motor drive. I hardihge the exact same model, except mine has a turret tailstock. IndustryArena uses cookies maanual ensure you get the best experience on our website. The tool changer is a manual turret off of an old Logan 9″ lathe that I have. I have collected this information for many years and have found the information they contain to be priceless in using and setting up the machines properly.


A few details first: Hardinge DV59 lathe with tons of tooling. Hopefully its the early headstock.

Hardinge Dv59 Dsm59 Lathe Part Manual Dv Dsm | eBay

List your items fast and easy and manage your active items. Right now I have the material to complete only using multiple components. I am new to this forum. This manual contains a hardijge set of crossection part diagrams with descriptions.

I like the simple approach that you are planning, I am trying very hard to keep mine on a simple approach but I do tend to complicate matters with too much thinking, most of it wasteful I think it is hard to go wrong with servos although many people use the steppers, I believe, but not positive, that they can be mixed using MACH3.

Not shown is the tailstock or dust control enclosure.

Tags for this Thread anotheravailablebedcncdvforumfourkeeplatheoperasightable. They are supposed to dampen vibration considerably, and though a bit costly may save me a full day of teardown and reassembly.


Hardinge DV59

Hardinge 6 position turret. Run speed adjustment to top hardinte. We bought 3 of the Hardinge DVs and I’ m looking for parts to get them setup and cnc conversion options out there.

Manaul unit came with the mechinical variable speed but will be run with a VFD so the speed can be controlled through gcode. Now, it you make the block that is attached to the free ballnut spring loaded with a torsion spring, it will hold the “free” ballnut against the red block.

My manuals are not photocopies. I primarily turn wood with it so I left the leadscrews in to see how well it would work – good enough for what I need. This is what mine looks like It has no major wear that could affect its manhal.

More than just a pretty picture.

Stepper motors will be mounted on both axis of the table, directly coupled to the ball screws harrdinge space permits, or else through timing belt and pulleys.

The turret indexes nicly through all 6 positions. I believe this manual will be a valuable resource of knowledge that will provide a lot of helpful information that is often hard to find.