(PDF) Ethnicity in the Neo-Assyrian Empire A View from. View Paleografia Griega Research Papers on El libro titulado “Manual Ilustrado de PaleografГa etc. venivano registrati quei diplomi, che costituivano le principali franchigie di una qualche repubblica, Servaci d’esempio ed il libro verde d’Asti, il rosso di Chieri. I. Introducción, paleografía, versión y notas por Miguel León-Portilla. ” Descripción de medicinas en textos dispersos del Libro X de los Códices matritenses y.

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Evaluation of the numerical composition and condition of the sigillographic corpus that has been inventoried and paleogrxfia. Most of the religious studies in Portugal have dealt mainly with the Catholic Church and several Protestant denominations. Publication of the oldest medieval public notary registry book.

The documents should be requested as TT, Casa de Abrantes, 2. This work aims at describing what has been done in Portugal in this field and presents a detailed inventory of Portuguese fragments found in the Portuguese National Archive Torre do Tombo.

His work had a vast impact throughout Western Europe, reflected in various manuscripts in Latin and translations in French, German and Portuguese. Digital availability and online dissemination of the catalogue with open access.

Que presente, que futuro? Research on Documents more. Portuguese Medieval History and Parliamentary Studies.

Aforamento de Olival em Elvas more. Its compilation was fostered or at least prompted during the 13th and 14th centuries due to the rising of the new general legal order of the ius commune.

The main library collections and stocks containing documents dating from the Middle Ages to the Contemporary Age were examined and the results have been organised topographically according to the institution’s call-numbers.


Medieval and modern parchment paleografiia have been neglected and ignored for centuries on and only were appreciated in the 20th century, due to individual projects carried out by researchers.

Series Studi di archivistica, bibliografia, paleografia

Green Lines Institute, p. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link.

Objectives Inventorying, cataloguing and digitalisation of Portuguese medieval ecclesiastic sigillography, which consists of the first stage towards the preparation and presentation of a national online sigillographic catalogue. This study shows how fruitful a paleogfafia examination of the materiality of historical apleografia used by historians can be, which in pqleografia can illuminate both the social careers of local administrative officials and their intimate connection and complicity with the royal administration.

It intends to start working with the medieval secular clergy seals and embrace other groups at a later stage. Thus, invaluable primary sources are now available for scientists all over the world and a new scholarly dialogue about this essential period for the Arabian and African History paleogrzfia view of the Omani domain in Mombasa can ensue.

The documentation is located in the Portuguese National Library, and the time period of the documents ranges from the 14th century to early 19th century. Describes a bundle of fragmentary 16thth century letters to the King of Portugal and other recipients, dealing especially with parliamentary sessions.

Em Portugal, os vereadores dos concelhos foram implementados por Lei em pleno reinado de D.

Portuguese Medieval History and Early modern Spanish history. Filipa, prima do Rei D. Afonso IV sobre o cumprimento de uma verba do testamento de D. Portugal in the Sea of Oman: Portuguese Medieval History and Medieval Lisbon. These documents are historical treasures that allow an undisguised view onto this era. Carta de Pedro de Mendanha a D.


Noções de Paleografia

Inventory of manuscript sources for the History of the italian states and of paleogeafia relationship with Portugal 13thth c. Mid 15th century inventories of churches’ silverware, religious ornaments, books, etc. Thus, invaluable primary sources are now available for scientists all over the world and a new scholarly dialogue about this essential period for the Arabian History can ensue.

Hence, this study simultaneously aims to further our knowledge about the Ius commune movement in a Romance language, which developed alongside the movement in Latin. Remember me on this computer. The documents are presented as original scans.

Inthe Portuguese National Archives Torre do Tombo bought from someone hundreds of documents belonging to the Casa de Abrantes but an inventory of such documentation was never available to researchers in the Reference Room only the inventories related to previous acquisitions. Transcriptions, English Translation, Arabic Translation more.

Revista de Artes Decorativas, n. For such a goal it was achieved the agreement and institutional cooperation of archives, museums and libraries in possession of the specimens and collections. Provision to each custodial institution of a rigorous categorisation of their seal collections, including recommendations on preservation and restoration interventions needed.

European Journal of Legal History, vol.